Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!!
I promised a great friend that I would for sure blog before the end of the this is for you Sherri - I promise to do better! wink wink
Mabry is @ a movie w/ her cute is that and Ruby is sleeping for a few minutes so this is my only chance before I start wrapping more presents.
I was able to have lunch w/ some friends today. How great was that. It was nice to catch up and actually be able to eat a hot meal (the kids were w/ my mommy dearest - thanks Babs). I will try my best to post a pic...if I remember how.

This morning Mabry woke up extrememly excited that Christmas is only 2 days away. I have to admit...I am excited as well. What a fun time to have little ones eeh??
After breakfast, Mabry decided to make a Christmas present for "our whole family". She is the best...she decided to draw stars on the chalk board. I so believe that she was sent to this earth just for me! Thanks for making my day Mabes!
Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy, jingle, relax and as always...BREATH.

Monday, July 6, 2009

mY tHeMe FoR LiFe!!

My mind not only sometimes leaves completely.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got some 'splainin' to do....

Some of you don't remember who I am.... I thought I better do some 'splainin' as to why I have been gone from the blogger world for so long...also I just need to vent and this is the good place to do it...this way you can either read or not read. Some of you have heard this before (I apologize to those who have) and some of you haven't. Either way I need to get this off my already saggy chest (sorry Mat) and get on to better things like pics of our camping trip and Easter and Snowbasin and Park City and my two little gils just having fun. Here it goes...
Life is hard for everyone but that is just life just roll w/ the punches and get back up cuz your not the only one who is getting punched. Some people are actually getting punched much worse than you are so be thankful for the little punches you are getting. Easy enough to do right - problem. BUT...what if you just keep getting punched in the same place over and over and over again and life just isn't caring how bad it hurts and that you have had enough of the punching.... GRIPES!! Do I sound like a baby or what? I know...I agree...BUT I am just so tired...tired of telling people I am 'good' when I am on the brink of tears. Tired of having to be the 'strong one' or the 'positive one'. Tired of being stressed and having a stressed hubby. Tired of having OCD and having a messy house cuz I am too tired to clean it. OH MY! That is enough of that. Gripes, that depressed me just typing it...lighter saggy chest feels better. :) I am sorry for venting all that on my blog... I have been trying to do things that will help me not be so tired... like running w/ my little sissy @ 6:00 in the am...yes that helps me not be so tired (that just sounds weird). I have been taking time for (gasp) myself so I can be in a 'happy place' and therefore get the hubby and kids in that same 'happy place'. So far it is only sorda working (just being honest)... Good days and bad days happen...Just gotta think positive and look for the 'funnies' in life (thanks Marcia girl for pointing that out). I am so thankful for all that I do have - I am so glad to have my darling Chuckles to make me laugh when I get too serious
(yes he has to make me laugh a lot). I am so glad to have 2 little chicks to "peck me to death" and then give me kisses to make me feel better. I am so glad to have a roof over my head (even if it is still leaking...the water has made beautiful designs on the wall). I am thankful for the beliefs that I have and to know that the punching life gives us is actually for our good. Thanks for letting me blog/vent...we need to come up w/ a word that mixes both of those...blent...yup I like that. Thanks for letting me blent...loves and kisses to all!

Where is Ruby??

Oh where oh where has my little girl gone??? Oh where or where can she be??? I was changing her bottm, sat her down and turned around... Oh where Oh where can she be???(name that tune)...
So I put Rubes down to clean up her changing pad... I will spare the details on this... and my little butterball headed right outside. Of course now that I am in full on 'blog mode' I grabbed my camera and took some fun pictures of what I saw.
She bolted for the back door but at least had time to grab some of Savvy's dog food on the way out. Isn't she precious!!

Rubes loves to play outside and apparently doesn't mind being w/out diaper on the slide! Love you Rubes!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ummmm Hi.... I'm Karisa

Hi my name is Karisa Williams and I have been neglecting my blog. It all started about 5 months ago - back in January. My little butterball, Ruby...well she turned one. All I can say.... "Raising kids is like being pecked to death by a chicken." I love my girls!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Giving the hubby props!!

So...I have GOT to give Chuckles some props. He has been busy doing "honey -do's"!!
We (I guess I should say Chuck) put in a new dining room light. We (Chuck) had to cut a new hole so that our ENORMOUS light would be centered over our table. So I have had a hole in my dining room ceiling for about a month. We have been married long enough that I knew Chuck would fix the hole when it started to bug him or when we moved out of the house so I didn't bother nagging errrrr asking him to fix it. (I don't nag do I???) Well after only a month....he fixed it. It is a temp fix for now which I am so excited about... at least no small animals will fall thru our ceiling while we are eating din-din!!
But wait....there is more....
After 2 years - 6 months & 1 hour...(1 hour is all it took him to nail these up)
I finally have my baseboards nailed to the wall. WOOT WOOT :)
For 2 years - 6 months & 1 hour our baseboards have just been sitting against our walls. They would get kicked and fall down or you would trip over them or they would just fall when you walked by. Ruby actually made this one of her favorite pastimes. She loved to crawl around and knock them down. Well Chuckles did it. they are nailed and glued to the wall (to Ruby's dissapointment). I can't tell you how excited I am. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my hubby. You are wonderful and so talented w/ a hammer! Big hugs!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tuesday – January 6, 2009

…Gramma Foxy…
It has been 3 months since this amazing, adorable, ornery, stubborn, funny and gentle woman passed away. I have tried many times to write about this event but haven’t been able…emotions have just been too high. I guess time does make some things easier.
My Gram passed away on October 6th, 2008. Gram had just started to be her spunky self after 2 years of sitting on the couch following a broken hip. She was finally starting to walk a little again and actually had a more positive outlook on life than she had for a while. It was so good for everyone to see her like this.
She was on her way to another Dr Appt when she decided to take off walking by herself to the car –well she fell and broke her other hip (good grief).
So Gram fell on Thursday and was in surgery on Friday. The surgery went well…they were actually able to make her legs the same length this time. Bonus if you are trying to walk. Ha ha
We were able to go up and see her on Sunday and had a fun visit w/ her. She held Ruby, showed Mabry how she did her breathing treatments and talked about the economy w/ Chuckles. She was happy and the mood was great. She was scheduled to go into an assisted living the next day for some INTENSE therapy. No way was it going to take her 2 more years to start walking around again.
Monday morning came and I was getting ready for work. The phone rang about 5:30 am…never good when the phone rings that early. Gram had suffered a brain aneurism and was in a coma. They didn’t give her very long to live. I was already dressed since I was on my way to work, I called Kimmy quickly and she agreed to pick me up.
I was pretty numb ever since the phone rang. Not sure what to expect? How serious was this? Is this really happening? She was so spunky the afternoon before. I was just talking to her not even 12 hours ago. Why does this happen? Is there anything they can do for her?
It was difficult to see my family members so sad. Difficult to see my dad, who has always been ten foot tall and bullet-proof, with red eyes and a heavy heart.
I will spare the details of the hospital but the mood was dreary and yet…I had a very peaceful feeling in my heart. I know this peace was from listening to General Conference that weekend and feeling the positive spirit from the talks.
I didn’t want anyone to speak or move…I just wanted to feel the peace and know what I believe. Gram was going to be re-united w/ my Gramps after a very long 12 years. She wasn’t going to be in pain and wouldn’t have to go thru the dreaded physical therapy that we all knew she hated. Still…the loss of a loved one…the one and only Gramma Foxy would be so hard for us all.
The funeral was very quaint and brought even more comfort from the words that were said. The most common thing repeated were the words un-conditional love for her family. No matter what…you always knew that Gram was there for you.
Even if you got a butterfly tattoo on your ankle, didn’t make it to a family party or didn’t make it to visit as much as you should have. Gram was there w/ a smile or a song just for you.
Thanks for making life a little sweeter Gram. We miss and love and can’t wait to see you again! – Love – Chuckles, Karisa, Mabry and Ruby

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions...anyone??

Does anyone really do this.?. I mean really do this?
I always think of a bunch...lose more...spend less TV...wash the make-up off my face every night... blah blah blah - I don't really ever stick to them. So this year I have been thinking of some resolutions that I can actually accomplish!! I mean really accomplish.
Here they are.....
You may think I am being sarcastic but...I'm not...Breath and not be stressed. Breath and not feel like I have to go clean something. Breath, my kids don't care if my hair isn't fixed. Breath and enjoy the life I have at that moment.
*Get on that golf course*
I am doing it this year...moving from the driving range to the golf course. I realize this will be a bit of a confidence downer but I have GOT to do it man!!
Chuckles - I am looking to you for your "oh so tender and encouraging" words to help me w/ this one.
*Eat better*
This is the tricky one...notice I didn't say loose weight (I will just have to wait for a parasite to come and eat my fat away) but I am going to eat better. More veggies, more fruit, more cookies errrrrr I mean more good things. YES YES YES I will still eat cookies (I am not insane) but just not the whole plate in one sitting. Baby steps right!
So that is it. I know I have much more to work on but do not want to overwhelm myself...te-hee
I feel good knowing all three of you that read this will help me w/ my resolutions. (ummm Sherri....p-nut butter cookies are still ok. I will eat them w/ apples)
Welcome 2009...Bring it on!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Chuck's new toy!

Chuckles got a few toys for Christmas...well ok, they were actually bought before Christmas but I am counting them! He got a new computer - (I therefore got his laptop) he also got a new camera. For Christmas he got a 50mm 1.8 lens (thanks to Melis). Chuckles is normally hard to buy presents for (very picky) and he is hard to surprise. We got him good this year w/ the lens. He was so excited...he thought he was going to be getting a cordless drill. te-hee He couldn't wait to start taking pics. This was late Christmas Eve...I think this was the first time we sat down all day!!

Christmas pictures...

Mabry and Ruby in their Christmas dresses.


So Ruby found yet another cupboard to empty...this time it is DVD's. She is such a busy little one.