Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun rainbow weekend!!

We had a pretty nice and relaxing Friday and Saturday. A little yard and house work and some haning out w/ the family. A pretty good weekend. I thought Sunday was going to be a normal Sunday. Go to church, big Sunday dinner and that's about it. I was so wrong....Here is the scoop on the rainbow weekend. Chuckles is in charge of doing the program for church, well....he left the battery to his laptop @ his office in Salt Lake. So he took off to SLC to get the battery (this was about 10:30 am - our church starts @ 1:00) and his car broke down. He called me and told me that the car broke down right by the Gay Pride Parade they were having in SLC. I started laughing and didn't believe him - I thought he was just joking. What are the odds right??Well, he wasn't joking and he wanted me to come and get him so he didn't get hit on!! So long story the program to the church and loaded the girls into the truck and headed to SLC to see some rainbows. We had our car towed to our house and Mabry loved seeing all the bright colors in SLC. GRIPES!!
On a good Pete was born on Sunday. Congrats to Karson and Abby!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Happy Girl


Pre-school Graduation

Mabes graduated from pre-school on Wednesday (yes rainy grocery day). Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.


Chuckles complains that I never put any picutres of him on my blog. Usually he is pulling his famous lazy eye or kissing Savvy in all of the picutres. But I actually got one where he isn't doing either! Here ya go Babe!
I know the pix are kinda blurry...well ok...really blurry! I should of had Melis there to take some professional pictures. ;)

Dance Recitial


Dance Recitial

Mabes is practicing her moves before the performance!

Dance Recitial

So this is Mabes @ her dance recitial. She was so darling. She knew all the moves and even took time to wave to us! I think I was more nervous than she was. tehe. She was by far the best one out there and I am not being partial...You can ask g-ma Julie or g-ma Betty!! tehe.

Rainy Days and groceries!

Rainy Wednesday (6/4) and I went grocery shopping, it had to be done. I had the truck so all the groceries were put in the back and front seat. Everything was soaking wet including me and the girls. I could hear all the groceries shifting around while I was driving home and thought to myself that I needed to be careful when I opened the door. Well that thought only stayed w/ me for a mili-second. When I got home I opened the door and guess what came falling out....yes EGGS!! I managed to save 4 of them! Then I got to the bread that had been smashed by a gallon of milk. It looks like pancakes according to Mabes. I just had to laugh @ all of this. Soaking wet, smashed bread and cracked eggs in the driveway. It was a perfect rainy day. More updates this weekend - I promise.