Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laughs & Sneezes

This is the best. Mabry started sneezing and Ruby started laughing. It went on for about 30 minutes. There were a few times I thought Ruby was going to fall over. Gotta love sisters!
Well I guess not...anyone else having problems uploading videos? I will try again later.

So this will catch me up on the blogging! Woot! Feels good to be done! Hope everyone has a good turkey day and don't forget to be thankful - We truly have so so much!

LeMon PiE!! YuMmY!!

YEAH ME!! I made my first homemade lemon pie. My little sissy came over and taught me how to make pie crust from scratch and the lemon pie as well. Thanks so much sissy! It was gone that first night. Chuckles suggested I take a picture (I'm sure he thought nobody would believe me if I told them so now I have proof). Good thinking Chuckles!

Crawling Ruby

On a lighter and not so emotional post...
It is official...Rubes is a crawler. One problem she has is that she gets stuck under things...she will just put her head down on the floor and yell out every so often until someone comes to her rescue. Silly Rubes!

PKU Breakfast 11/15/08

This was the annual PKU breakfast. Primary Childrens Hospital does this every year for the people that have metabolic disorders like PKU and others. They have free samples of food to try and lots of other information. It was @ Discovery Museum in the Gateway. This was the first year that Mabry really understood why we were there. You could just see the wheels in her head turning when we explained to her that all the other kids and grown-ups that were there had PKU just like her. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. She was so excited to tell our families that she went to a breakfast where they had PKU food and that everyone else had PKU jut like her. For me it was a very sureal sad and happy for Mabry & Ruby. So thankful they will have each other to lean on if this PKU stuff gets too hard. So Sad that they have to deal w/ this for the rest of their lives. So thankful this is all they are dealing w/ right now - it could be much worse - So proud that Mabry and Ruby are doing so well on their diet and that Mabry is smart enough to know what she can and can't have. So thankful to have Dr's and dieticians to teach me how to take care of them. So thankful to have 2 beautiful daughters. Well...I have blabbed enough gripes! here are some fun pictures of the museum. I think Chuckles had just as much fun as Mabry did!!

What the fat lip??

Mabes had a dentist appointment and she had a few little cavities...So they numbed her lip and told me to watch and make sure she doesn't bite her lip. Easy enough right?? So we go home put on a movie and I give Mabes a sippy cup of her milk and sit down to watch the movie w/ her. Not even 15 min into the movie and I look over and see something growing on Mabrys lip. GRIPES!! She had been chewing on her lip the entire time. (mother of the year) I gave her some ice to suck on for the swelling and it helped a little. Good Grief...It took a full week for that pucker lip to go down. Poor thing!


My mom used to dress me and my little sister the same all the time. I never understood it until....well until now cuz I think it is the best to dress Mabes and Rubes the same. They just look so CuTe. Well at least I think so - Chuckles would beg to differ. Maybe it's because Ruby looks so much like Mabry when Mabry was takes me back a few years. sniff sniff...they grow too fast!

Sleeping Ruby

I love that we have cameras and video to record these peaceful sleeping moments. My little sleeping Ruby.

HaLLoWeeN 2008

Oops...Sorry, this got a little out of order! You get the idear!!
We ended up @ G-ma Julies. This is cousin Pete. What a fun and crazy night! Boo!

Here is Halloween...Mabry was a little witch and Rubes was a princess. They were both very cute. Mabry has a mean witch cackle so beware! Chuckles had to work this night so we were flying solo...We stopped @ his grandparents house and got some fun pictures...Mabry just loves GiGi and Poppy Pete! I think Poppy Pete looks pretty good in her hat!

We also stopped by my parents to see all the cousins in their costumes. Aren't they just cute!

Ro and Rubes

Here they are....the two lovebirds. Aren't they cute. This will make a good picture for their wedding video!! -wink wink-

Skipping School

Soooooo.....I let Mabes skip school one day to go to Gardners Village. We went the week of Halloween an had some fun! our friends Melissa and Ro came w/ us. THis was my first visit to Gardners Village and I was impressed. They had all sorts of witches hanging around and the stores were all decorated way cute. We got some good deals on Halloween stuff as well. Mabrys favorite part was the pony ride and the petting zoo....of corse! It was a fun day w/ fun friends. Note to time - pack a sack lunch to avoid spilled soda and wet pants from spilled water!! Thanks so much to Melis and Ro for taking us down there w/ them! The kids were little angles for the drive there and back. I actually got to have a long conversation w/ a grown up!:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's all folks.

Sorry to say but that is all I have time for today. Mabry should be getting off the bus any minute and we have leaves to play in. Toodles!

Choc Choc face!

Mabry is helping me make her spiecial PKU cupcakes. She loves loves loves doing this cuz she gets to lick the beaters and the bowl. She is such a fun girl!

Ruby and Faith

This is Ruby and Faith...Faith is Ruby's cousin and is only 3 weeks younger. They are such fun babies.

The Cabin

We went up to the cabin w/ my mom and dad...this was back in Sept (I know...lots of catch up). The cabin is always great fun cuz you get to be dirty all the time and moms can't care that you are!! I remember going up to the cabin when I was Mabry's age so it is so much fun to be able to take her up there. We always see moose by the pond and have loads of fun roasting dogs and mallows. Ruby even liked it as long as she had a stick to chew on. tehee BTW: Savvy tried to attack these moose...funny dog!

just CuTe!

Rubes just being cute. She is so much fun for our family.

Mabry's First day of school

Thought I better catch up quick on this blogging stuff!! This is Mabry's first day of school 9-2-08. She was so excited. I was trying to be brave for her. She has so much courage...cute little sassy thing her. I was trying to film her getting on the bus and she just kept telling me..."mom, I have to go". Like she was embarrassed that I was filming her. ahhhhhhhh and to think - she is only in kindergarten.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

OK....More pics

Apparently I have a blog "stalker" who needs to see more pictures...tehee
Here are some more from San Fran. It was such a fun vacation...did I mention it is good people watching?? Chuck did almost get beat up by a guy/girl. He/she told Chuck he needed to loose weight. te-hee... so fun!! GREAT MEMORIES!!

This starfish was STAR-ving!! I know...I'm funny!;)

Don't you wish you could just lay around like this? Seriously think about it. You would have all your friends and family in one place. You're SUPPOSED to be fat and if you get sick of someone you just swim away. Sign me up!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Found a few more!!