Thursday, January 14, 2010

'Man Cold'

So we have been a bit under the weather in our house lately...I got the cold bug first then Chuckles got it and got pink eye then Ruby got pink eye. I think we are finally done being sick for a while, I hope.
Me and my friend (Melis) were talking about the differences between men and we got to talking about being sick and how women still have to do all the normal things and men act like they are...well going to die. So she told me about this 'Man Cold' from you tube and I just had to put it on here. It was too funny :) Sorry Chuckles - but you too suffer from the 'Man Cold'. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years & Fun!!

Welcome 2010 right??
Happy late New Years....Are you surprised I am blogging again? Me too...guess I have caught the bloggin' bug again.
I love grape jelly! anywho....
Our New Years Eve was WILD & CRAZY!! We welcomed the New Year @ 8:30 pm and were all in bed by 9:00, well except for Chuckles who had to work. We did have fun though...We played pictionary, hide-n-seek, duck-duck-goose, had a few mean games of UNO (Mabry won twice) and then did our party poppers and the count down. It was seriously a fun night!
On New Years Day we headed up to Snowbasin to do some fun sleigh riding. My whole family was there and it was a lot of fun. The hills were pretty mellow and you didn't even have to walk back up - you sat in a tube and they pulled you back up to the top. Even better right!! As we got there Mabry saw her cousins and took off to go down the hill w/ them. Chuckles and I were making our way to the top when we saw that it was Mabry's turn to go down...the paranoid mother that I am kept thinking she needs some help...I mean gripes, she isn't big enough to do that on her she?? :) Chuck said she will be fine...then we see a tube come down the hill w/out anyone on it... te-hee...that was Mabry's tube. So I decided to grab a tube and walk up the hill so she didn't have to wait that long. Well they had extra tubes up there - (it would have been nice if someone would have told me that) they sent Mabry down on an extra tube. So while I was hiking my outta shape behind up the hill to rescue my poor little girl who didn't have a tube - she went down laughing all the way. I got to the top before I realized she had already went down. I know...jokes on me! We rode down as many times as we could before lunch and had so much fun. Ruby was playing at the bottom the entire time w/ grandma and grandpa. They wouldn't let you ride double and I wasn't about to send my baby down in a tube by herself! We ate lunch in the parking lot on our tailgates and had fun just hanging out as a family. Thanks mom and dad for the fun day!! It was a nice way to end the holidays! Here is a few pics!

At the top of the hill

In the parking lot we found a little hill to play on. Mabry decided it would be fun to crash into me.

Being pulled was a nice ride.