Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SaN fRanSisCo BaBy!! 8/2008

My blogging fingers are getting tired and my Mabry and Ruby need their mommy now so SaN fRanSisCo will have to wait. Toodles!

Mabes b-day pinata!

This is what Mabes wanted for her b-day...a pinata. Well Daddy came thru and got her the best pinata ever (it had little mermaid on it and was purple). We had sooooo much fun w/ this and have decided to make it a family tradition. We took some video of this...dobt I will get it on here though. Sorry...Hey if you want to see it that bad you can come over and we will have a night filled w/ home movies.


We had some friends over for a visit. Jamie and Korbin. It was fun to see them and I promise Korbin is smiling in this picture. Thanks for the visit Jamie and Korbin.

Sorry...didn't anyone show me how to rotate those pics yet??

More Ruby....8/10/2008

I'm sorry but she is CUTE!!

Shhhhhhhhh sleeping Ruby

Doesn't this make you melt??

Jammin' out!!

Rubes and Daddy have some QT!

Let us see what is next on the ol' camera...Ruby

My cute little butterball..Rubes thought it would be fun to dump her cup of water out and splash it all over. We had some much fun! Can you see the water dots on her face??

More Mabes...

This is my photo shoot w/ Mabes. This was our attempt @ having Mabes be Fancy Nancy. (You need to read those books - they are my fav). We got her all dressed up and of course she needed to have her picture taken.

?? A new post??

I think I have forgotten how to blog - it has been so long! I have got massive amounts of pics to put on here so I am just going to get started!

Mabes, Gramma Betty and Pappa Diggs...this was for a 24th of July (yes, I have pics from that far back) parade in our neighborhood. We decorated Mabry's scooter w/ balloons and streamers. She decided she wanted to walk so I had errrr...I mean got to ride her scooter.