Friday, July 18, 2008

Pineview Dam

We went to Pineview yesterday and had loads of fun playing in the h20 w/ cousins and g-parents. Mabry has turned into a little fish this year and loves being in the water w/ her life-jacket. They love to play waterhorse and just do silly things little girls do. Thanks so much to grandma and grandpa for making time to take us. Mabry actually rode in the tube w/ me. She didn't want to @ first but her cousin Jinelle did it w/ her mommy so that made it ok. She had fun and was waving to everyone in the boat. A few waves here and there but she did great. Then.....dum dum dum...not sure what happened but both of us were in the water. Maybe it was a tiger musky that tipped the tube over?? I didn't even think the boat was moving. Really not sure how we fell out but we did and Mabes was so mad @ me. I could her my dad (pappa diggs) laughing while I was under the water. Not kiddin'...It could not have been better though. Now Mabes knows that you can fall out of a tube and still live to tell about it. Nobody got hurt and she told daddy that it was fun. Here is a video (yes another one) of Mabes on the swing @ Pineview. Good times!!

My little fish!

Full of sass...even in her swimsuit!

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