Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chuckles b-day...September 21, 2008

Chuckles b-day is on 9/21….since I am sure I won’t be able to sneak onto his computer I thought I better do this while I had the chance. Actually copied this idea (sorry Gertie). It was just too cute not to do. Happy 31st b-day Chuckles!
31 things to love about Chuckles…no particular order
1. He is darling…just look @ him.
2. He lets me call him Chuckles
3. Getting grey hair…so Sean Connery…grrrrrrrrr
4. Seriously funny – except when he talks about buying a drum set.
5. He loves me – he should get an award for this. Sometimes I am not so easy to love (hard to believe, I know)
6. He is an extremely hard worker –but his fingernails never have dirt under them - so thankful for this
7. He eats my cooking – he should get an award for this also.
8. Wonderful Daddy. Mabry and Ruby adore him.
9. Taught me how to snowboard – lots of patience
10. Teaching me & Mabes how to golf – even more patience
11. Goes on vacation w/ my family
12. Gives his expert opinion on how to decorate the house
13. Gives his expert opinion on how to dress
14. Likes to shop – no, this isn’t the only reason I married him
15. Listens to me when I gripe about having to work 2 days a week (I know – I’m pathetic) even though he has worked all day and comes home and prints all night.
16. Orders special cupcakes for my birthday…Oh yeah, he is that thoughtful
17. Makes me laugh everyday - helps me to lighten up and not be so serious
18. He sings…around the house – in the shower – while he is printing – mowing the lawn. The best part is he thinks he knows the words but really he has just made up his own. He has passed this on to Mabry.
19. Forgives easily
20. Takes me to San Francisco and lets me drive
21. Spontaneous
22. Doesn’t mind watching a chick flick every now and then
23. Has a lot of goals and dreams. He has accomplished many of these already which makes me admire him even more
24. Doesn’t get mad when a midget scrapes up the side of truck when it is only 3 weeks old. That darn midget….
25. Rubs my feet whenever I ask
26. Doesn’t mind that he has a midget for a wife (at least he says he doesn’t)
27. Has many interests/hobbies that he pursues - I love that he isn’t lazy and is always trying new things
28. Encourages me to think “outside” the box and to try new things
29. Appreciates me
30. Has the same password for EVERYTHING. He thinks he is so clever for doing this. Makes me giggle!
31. He is in a house full of girls (even the dog) and he survives. He is the only one that Mabry wants to have “wrestle time” with. He is the only one that can put Ruby to sleep by just holding her in his arms. He is the only one that lets Savvy eat of his plate at the same time he does. He is the only one that has my heart. I am so glad to have you for eternity. Love you Chuckles – XOX - wife


Fantastic Five said...

happy day! hope it was a good one. sorry to miss yours gertie! hope you had a great birthday too! i was thinking, i know what you guys should do to celebrate...come to austin. i think it is a great plan, for reals.

Quintana's 3 boys and a girl said...

So now that you did this on your blog. Do I have to do this for Chris?? Cause he is alittle older than 31. That is alot of things to come up with, and he doesnt rub my feet. hahaha