Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years & Fun!!

Welcome 2010 right??
Happy late New Years....Are you surprised I am blogging again? Me too...guess I have caught the bloggin' bug again.
I love grape jelly! anywho....
Our New Years Eve was WILD & CRAZY!! We welcomed the New Year @ 8:30 pm and were all in bed by 9:00, well except for Chuckles who had to work. We did have fun though...We played pictionary, hide-n-seek, duck-duck-goose, had a few mean games of UNO (Mabry won twice) and then did our party poppers and the count down. It was seriously a fun night!
On New Years Day we headed up to Snowbasin to do some fun sleigh riding. My whole family was there and it was a lot of fun. The hills were pretty mellow and you didn't even have to walk back up - you sat in a tube and they pulled you back up to the top. Even better right!! As we got there Mabry saw her cousins and took off to go down the hill w/ them. Chuckles and I were making our way to the top when we saw that it was Mabry's turn to go down...the paranoid mother that I am kept thinking she needs some help...I mean gripes, she isn't big enough to do that on her she?? :) Chuck said she will be fine...then we see a tube come down the hill w/out anyone on it... te-hee...that was Mabry's tube. So I decided to grab a tube and walk up the hill so she didn't have to wait that long. Well they had extra tubes up there - (it would have been nice if someone would have told me that) they sent Mabry down on an extra tube. So while I was hiking my outta shape behind up the hill to rescue my poor little girl who didn't have a tube - she went down laughing all the way. I got to the top before I realized she had already went down. I know...jokes on me! We rode down as many times as we could before lunch and had so much fun. Ruby was playing at the bottom the entire time w/ grandma and grandpa. They wouldn't let you ride double and I wasn't about to send my baby down in a tube by herself! We ate lunch in the parking lot on our tailgates and had fun just hanging out as a family. Thanks mom and dad for the fun day!! It was a nice way to end the holidays! Here is a few pics!

At the top of the hill

In the parking lot we found a little hill to play on. Mabry decided it would be fun to crash into me.

Being pulled was a nice ride.


John and Sherri said...

Looks like tons of fun- I want to go! I was so happy to see another post:) I love that Mabry- she is adorable.

Lisa said...

I think we should all get together and go!!! that would be so much fun...