Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got some 'splainin' to do....

Some of you don't remember who I am.... I thought I better do some 'splainin' as to why I have been gone from the blogger world for so long...also I just need to vent and this is the good place to do it...this way you can either read or not read. Some of you have heard this before (I apologize to those who have) and some of you haven't. Either way I need to get this off my already saggy chest (sorry Mat) and get on to better things like pics of our camping trip and Easter and Snowbasin and Park City and my two little gils just having fun. Here it goes...
Life is hard for everyone but that is just life just roll w/ the punches and get back up cuz your not the only one who is getting punched. Some people are actually getting punched much worse than you are so be thankful for the little punches you are getting. Easy enough to do right - problem. BUT...what if you just keep getting punched in the same place over and over and over again and life just isn't caring how bad it hurts and that you have had enough of the punching.... GRIPES!! Do I sound like a baby or what? I know...I agree...BUT I am just so tired...tired of telling people I am 'good' when I am on the brink of tears. Tired of having to be the 'strong one' or the 'positive one'. Tired of being stressed and having a stressed hubby. Tired of having OCD and having a messy house cuz I am too tired to clean it. OH MY! That is enough of that. Gripes, that depressed me just typing it...lighter saggy chest feels better. :) I am sorry for venting all that on my blog... I have been trying to do things that will help me not be so tired... like running w/ my little sissy @ 6:00 in the am...yes that helps me not be so tired (that just sounds weird). I have been taking time for (gasp) myself so I can be in a 'happy place' and therefore get the hubby and kids in that same 'happy place'. So far it is only sorda working (just being honest)... Good days and bad days happen...Just gotta think positive and look for the 'funnies' in life (thanks Marcia girl for pointing that out). I am so thankful for all that I do have - I am so glad to have my darling Chuckles to make me laugh when I get too serious
(yes he has to make me laugh a lot). I am so glad to have 2 little chicks to "peck me to death" and then give me kisses to make me feel better. I am so glad to have a roof over my head (even if it is still leaking...the water has made beautiful designs on the wall). I am thankful for the beliefs that I have and to know that the punching life gives us is actually for our good. Thanks for letting me blog/vent...we need to come up w/ a word that mixes both of those...blent...yup I like that. Thanks for letting me blent...loves and kisses to all!


Ashley said...

I am glad you are back to blogging! Mat misses his 'work wives' even if he doesn't tell me so! So, he likes to know what's goin on up there. And I love to hear all about your cute little ones!
Sorry life sucks sometimes. I know the feeling. I don't know exactly what happening up in your world, but sometimes I feel like someone turned the 'happy button' off in me too! Part of being a mom, I tell myself!
I am glad that it seem syou have figured out what you need to do to get happy. And I too am glad to know that it may suck, but it all worth it in the end....somehow! (Not sure how it will all equal itself out, but I have faith!)
Anyways, we miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Lisa said...

You are good at not letting anyone know you are not so happy...if I can help take the girls or anything else(I am not so OCD) but I would come help you around your house too. just let me know :) it is nice to hear that everyone gets a bit out of wack and needs to regroup. love ya

Fantastic Five said...

oh, i sorry. whats the struggle gertie? i have called you like 103 times and you never answer. maybe its cuz you have nothing to say. maybe i need to fly you to tx for a few days and let you play. playing makes me feel better. keep in touch. i have a couple things to tell you. hope to talk to you soon.