Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skipping School

Soooooo.....I let Mabes skip school one day to go to Gardners Village. We went the week of Halloween an had some fun! our friends Melissa and Ro came w/ us. THis was my first visit to Gardners Village and I was impressed. They had all sorts of witches hanging around and the stores were all decorated way cute. We got some good deals on Halloween stuff as well. Mabrys favorite part was the pony ride and the petting zoo....of corse! It was a fun day w/ fun friends. Note to time - pack a sack lunch to avoid spilled soda and wet pants from spilled water!! Thanks so much to Melis and Ro for taking us down there w/ them! The kids were little angles for the drive there and back. I actually got to have a long conversation w/ a grown up!:)

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Silver Story Photography said...

Ro and I were so glad Mabry ditched school that day. We had so much fun. I agree, next time we should just pack a lunch to aviod the hot, slow, restraunt... and in also to aviod wet pants :-) We can't wait for the next adventure with you girls :-)