Thursday, January 8, 2009

Giving the hubby props!!

So...I have GOT to give Chuckles some props. He has been busy doing "honey -do's"!!
We (I guess I should say Chuck) put in a new dining room light. We (Chuck) had to cut a new hole so that our ENORMOUS light would be centered over our table. So I have had a hole in my dining room ceiling for about a month. We have been married long enough that I knew Chuck would fix the hole when it started to bug him or when we moved out of the house so I didn't bother nagging errrrr asking him to fix it. (I don't nag do I???) Well after only a month....he fixed it. It is a temp fix for now which I am so excited about... at least no small animals will fall thru our ceiling while we are eating din-din!!
But wait....there is more....
After 2 years - 6 months & 1 hour...(1 hour is all it took him to nail these up)
I finally have my baseboards nailed to the wall. WOOT WOOT :)
For 2 years - 6 months & 1 hour our baseboards have just been sitting against our walls. They would get kicked and fall down or you would trip over them or they would just fall when you walked by. Ruby actually made this one of her favorite pastimes. She loved to crawl around and knock them down. Well Chuckles did it. they are nailed and glued to the wall (to Ruby's dissapointment). I can't tell you how excited I am. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my hubby. You are wonderful and so talented w/ a hammer! Big hugs!!


Silver Story Photography said...

WOOT! Way to go Chuckles!

John and Sherri said...

Way to go! If he gets bored send him over-ha ha