Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions...anyone??

Does anyone really do this.?. I mean really do this?
I always think of a bunch...lose more...spend less TV...wash the make-up off my face every night... blah blah blah - I don't really ever stick to them. So this year I have been thinking of some resolutions that I can actually accomplish!! I mean really accomplish.
Here they are.....
You may think I am being sarcastic but...I'm not...Breath and not be stressed. Breath and not feel like I have to go clean something. Breath, my kids don't care if my hair isn't fixed. Breath and enjoy the life I have at that moment.
*Get on that golf course*
I am doing it this year...moving from the driving range to the golf course. I realize this will be a bit of a confidence downer but I have GOT to do it man!!
Chuckles - I am looking to you for your "oh so tender and encouraging" words to help me w/ this one.
*Eat better*
This is the tricky one...notice I didn't say loose weight (I will just have to wait for a parasite to come and eat my fat away) but I am going to eat better. More veggies, more fruit, more cookies errrrrr I mean more good things. YES YES YES I will still eat cookies (I am not insane) but just not the whole plate in one sitting. Baby steps right!
So that is it. I know I have much more to work on but do not want to overwhelm myself...te-hee
I feel good knowing all three of you that read this will help me w/ my resolutions. (ummm Sherri....p-nut butter cookies are still ok. I will eat them w/ apples)
Welcome 2009...Bring it on!


John and Sherri said...

I was going to say... I still owe the cookies so I'm glad you're still going to eat them (I'll bring some carrots and apples to go with them!) I want to see the golfing, and while you're "breathing", remind me to do it too. Here's to New Year's Resolutions!

Silver Story Photography said...

Oh man... New Years Resolutions... EEEK. I used to make them, but my determination only lasted a week, at best.

So, of course your friends will help you with yours...

Hey... Wanna go to Olive Garden tomorrow for lunch? hehehe Just kiddin... We could eat Lean Cuisines together in the break room... er, GT room.