Sunday, May 25, 2008

4:00 am

Yes I know it is 4:00 in the am but I am sick and can't sleep.Chuck and I have both been sick all week. Safe to say we will not win any parenting awards this week. Now Mabes is starting to get the snot nose. Funny about kids and snot nose. It can be running out both notsrils but they can still keep playing and not let it bother them. Fingers crossed that Rubes will be ok! I was able to clean my house yesterday and it felt so good. I feel like I haven't been able to keep up on things since Rubes was born. Not sure why?? I am only working part time so you would think it would be easy to keep the house clean. Oh-well. So Chuckles tilled up our garden area yesterday. He is sick but worked so hard on the yard yesterday. We are thinking we can plant the garden on Monday. Finally!! Not going to go too crazy this year. Just a few "maters" & "cukes"...maybe some pickles (funny story) for Chuckles! Last year we planted pumpkins. They are so much fun to grow and ours got HUGE but they take up too much room. Our vines started growing out on our grass. Maybe some watermelon this year. Mabes would love that. I so want some cookies right now. I am going to try and post some pix. Wish me luck!

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