Friday, May 2, 2008

Front Runner

What a wonderful Wednesday!! Started out by taking Mabes to pre-school then Chuckles and I both had dentist appointments. Chuckles was done first so he was on Rubes duty. I had some old fillings that broke so Dr H had to numb my whole mouth. GRIPES!! I went to put some chap stick on and couldn't tell if I was putting it on my lips or my chin. Pretty funny!!

We (my sisters and mother) had planned on riding the front runner today. This was the last "free" day. We didn't think it would be too busy in the middle of the day. We were wrong! Mommy dearest ended up staying home and taking care of pops. Isn't she sweet.
I was debating on whether to go or face was still numb and I didn't really want to take Rubes out in the wind and cold weather. My decision was made (thanks to my lil' sis). I decided to go so I didn't turn into my grandma @ age 30!!

It was CRAZY busy!! We piled on to an already crowed train and tried to get comfy. Mabes liked seeing all the horses and decided she was going to ask daddy for a farm when we got home. tehe... To make a long story short...We decided not to go all the way to Salt Lake cuz of all the people and just to Layton Mall. Well, we got off on the wrong stop (clearfield instead of layton) then we got on the wrong bus. (tehe) So here we are...7 kids and 3 mothers walking on a busy road somewhere in Clearfield.

We probably looked like a polygamist family w/ all the kids - the only thing we were missing were long dresses! We finally got on the right bus and went back to the front runner station and were able to get back to Ogden. It was so crazy but we were laughing the entire time. I am so glad both of my sisters were there w/ me. It would not have been fun w/out them. It was the best, funnest time I have had in a long time and I soooooooo needed to laugh like that. Thanks to my sisters! I am trying not to laugh too hard as I am typing this. I just keep thinking of us walking along the side of the road. HAR HAR HAR

Our kids were such troopers...they were so good. It was probably a fun adventure for them. They got to ride a train and a bus!

It was a busy and fun day not soon to be forgotten. Mabes did ask daddy for a farm when he got home. I am sure she will get it! It was a good day for my soul!!

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