Friday, May 9, 2008

Yesterday (5/8)

So I tried to go buy some flowers yesterday....I thought since my friend, w/ 2 toddlers and newborn baby bought her flowers AND got them planted that I should be able to do this w/ ease. I THOUGHT WRONG!! My hat goes to you Sherri - mother of the year! I was able to buy one plant and 2 flowers. I wanted red but Mabes wanted pink so guess what color they are?? yep - pink!! She is still cute! So that was it. I did get 5 baskets of laundry folded and Chuckles came home early - What a treat!

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The Black Hole said...


I totally feel your pain.

Maybe your friend can teach me the secret to shopping for flowers/plants with children. I have been to the nursery 3 times in the past week and each time was DIFFICULT... and I only have one child!

Each time I tried a different approach. First, I carried Ro and tried to push the flatbed cart full of plants... lets just say it-no-worky. The second trip I just kept Ro in his car seat and placed that on the cart, except, now there wasn't any room for plant. The third trip, baby front carrier. I thought for sure this would be the way... but it 's very difficult to put the plant onto the cart with out whackin' your kid in the noggin' with 'em.

Oh, and actually PLANTING... forgetaboutit!