Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend stuff

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! Chuckles and I did outside and inside work this weekend. It was nice to get stuff done. I will admit that Chuckles did much more than I did...for once! tehe.
We finally built my closet so now all my clothes will be in one room. SOOOOO nice. LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA for making things so easy to put together! Thanks Chuckles, for being so determined to get things done this weekend.
I needed to do a deep cleaning on the house. Does anyone else find it hard to keep the house clean? Chuck used to make fun of me cuz I would clean the house before bed. He used to say I was cleaning it for a robber to come in and see how clean the house was. Maybe this is my OCD kickin' in but it seriously made me sleep better.
I have given up trying to keep the house spotless and feel like if my kitchen table is clean that is good enough for me. Clean just makes me in a better mood! Anyone else?? I have much more to write but will wait to get pictures to show you. It is mostly of Mabes and how stinkin' CUTE she is. She kept us laughing ALL weekend. toodles for now!

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Fuller Interior said...

this is not okay, i want pics. chuck needs to have a li'l sit down lesson with you and get you on the path here, cuz this doesn't work for people like me who have been dying to see your house and babies! hello?

so, if he does not step up (wink) call me and I will walk you through. just really not that hard. but at least you are started and i can read about your life. that'll do pig, for now.

i will be checking in.